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Detailing Center

Detailing Center

Hartland Service wants your car to look and feel its best, inside and out. Get your car fresh-off-the-lot clean with our detailing service options. We offer a number of packages to fit your schedule and budget. Choose from express services to hand washing and complete detail services.

Express Interior
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Dry vacuumed interior with compressed air blast. Touchless wash with all windows, door panels, door jambs, and top of dash cleaned.

Complete Interior
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Our Express Interior package plus pressure washed floor mats. We also steam-vacuum all carpets, seats, and floor mats. Finally, dash, vents, door panels, console, steering column and all windows are cleaned. All leather is conditioned throughout.

2-door cars $99.95 | 4-door cars $119.95 | Small SUV/ Pickups $149.95 | Large SUV/ Mini Vans/ Wagons $179.95

Package A
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Hand wash and hand wax

Exterior microfiber wash to remove bugs, grease, and light road tar. Hand-cleaned wheels, wheel wells, trim, chrome, and tires. Dry vacuumed interior. Cleaned doors, hood, trunk jambs and all windows.

Package B
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Package A and orbital buff

Package C
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Package A and Complete Interior

Package D
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Package B and Complete Interior

À La Carte Services
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These items can be purchased individually or added to other services

  • Chrome polishing
  • Clay bar whole vehicle
  • Convertible tops
  • Fabric protection
  • Floor mats
  • Interior vacuum & windows
  • Overspray removal
  • Scratch removal/ buffing
  • Soft cloth wash for cars
  • Soft cloth wash for vans, SUVs, trucks
  • Tar and bug removal
  • Tire dressing
  • Trunk cleaning
  • Upholstery conditioning/ protection
  • Vehicle odor removing service using our Ozone Generator equipment
  • Vinyl tops
  • Wheel cleaning
Ozone Generator
Wiping Door
Buffing Car