Car Wash

Car Wash

Car Wash & Free Vacuums

Our owners Mike and Jeff spent an entire year driving around the Midwest in search of the best car wash in the industry. After months of research and testing, they found the best in car washing technology and installed it in our new two-lane car wash in Hartland. Our new car wash bays are fully automated with the latest vehicle-sensing technology to clean your car effectively and efficiently. You won’t find a better automated car wash around!

Both wash bays are open 24 hours a day.

Our car wash bays are closed when temperatures dip below zero degrees.

Purchasing Options

You can purchase any of our car wash services using cash, credit card, VIP wash card, wash code, RFID Tag, or token.

VIP Wash Cards are available at the Hartland Service front desk. We give you a 20% bonus every time you purchase or refill a VIP Wash Card. For example, if you purchase a $50 card, we add an additional $10 in washes for a total of $60. If you purchase $100, we will add an additional $20 for a total of $120 in washing services.

You can purchase special wash codes at Hartland Citgo when purchasing gasoline. (Don’t forget to ask about our wash discount with the purchase of at least 8 gallons of gas!)

RFID Tags attach to your windshield and allow you to enter the wash automatically. Just pull up and the car wash entry system recognizes your car and activates your prepurchased wash selections. Continue through the wash bay for the rest of your car wash. (Our 20% discount applies to washes purchased on RFID Tags as well!)

Tokens are available with service at our garage or at Hartland Quick Lube during an oil change.

Razor Car Wash

Left Lane Car Wash Bay

The Razor Car Wash, located in our left car wash bay is a touch-free lane. This car wash is perfect for owners looking for an efficient, no-touch wash. Our 8-foot working height is the only one in Waukesha County. The additional height makes it easy to quickly and effectively wash work trucks and ladder racks, plow trucks, dually trucks, and vehicles with bike and storage racks without risking damage to the vehicle. This wash is great for businesses with service fleets that want to keep their vans and trucks clean. Our large wash bay is even big enough for extended mirrors on three-quarter and one-ton trucks!

As long as your vehicle can clear an 8-foot garage door opening, it will fit in our bay. It’s already a common favorite among lifted trucks and work vans in the area! To go along with our overhead space for large vehicles, we also guarantee that floor clearance will not be a problem. There is nothing on the floor of the wash bay to damage your vehicle. Check with our front office to see if your over-sized vehicle will fit the first time through.

Profile Car Wash

Profile Car Wash

Right Lane Car Wash Bay

The Profile Car Wash, located in our right car wash bay is a soft cloth lane perfect for owners looking for a safe soft-touch wash. Our 7ft-6” clearance and computer-controlled touch allows cars, work trucks, and vans to pass through quickly without damage. Sensors measure the contour of your vehicle and communicate the measurements to our automated brush system ensuring they contact your vehicle with a soft touch to clean efficiently without causing any damage to your vehicle’s exterior. You can upgrade in this wash to include HOT WAX and a touchless high pressure wheel cleaner.

Free Vacuums

Our four vacuum stations are available for use for NO CHARGE! Just pull up under the awnings and the vacuum system will start automatically. Stay as long as you need for free! Vacuum stations are lit at night for your safety and convenience.