You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Hartland Service:

I got my tags renewed here. They were really quick and only charged a small fee to give me new stickers on the spot, which I did. They also have a free air pump here which is convenient. I haven't used them for service, but they always seem busy.

George B.

Hartland Service is a VERY clean, Professional, and reputable business. I've been dealing with them for almost 20 years and I've been more then satisfied. The owner, Mike, is a great guy. He's always fair and honest, atleast has been to me and my family, and we would recommend them without a thought.

Nancy B.

I have been taking my car for repairs, to Hartland Services, since I moved to Hartland five years ago. I have had all good experiences. They are professional, always helpful and fix the problem in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone, even the most picky auto lovers. My last repair service was June 26,2013 and as usual received excellent service.

Pat E.

EXTREMELY KIND, EFFICIENT AND ACCURATE MECHANICS!! My car's exhaust dropped to the ground on me 25 minutes away from home but was still somewhat hanging and I called around to local auto service places most could not even look at my car that day and/or were going to charge me just to look at it. I called this place and was told to bring my car in asap and he would look at it asap. Considering this was a day of a pretty good snow storm and the shop had tons of cars being fixed due to the weather conditions the shop was still able to get it looked at that day and pretty quick ***FOR FREE***. When my father and I was told the car was done being looked at I was given a description of what was wrong with it over the phone and when we went into the shop I was given a printed off sheet of things that were wrong aside from the exhaust with a very detailed description. Once again most places charge you for inspection and if they do it for free most won't give you a printed off sheet of whats wrong atleast I have never found a place that would, not to mention they definitely will not take the time to look at more than the problem in which you brought it in for. Everything that was on the sheet was indeed very accurate as I got a second opinion (which i was charged for). After arriving at the place and speaking with them they explained how they atleast made it safe enough for me to drive home and explained to me if I did not pay to fix the car which would cost me a great deal of money anywhere I would go I was given an estimated time left on that car which was also very accurate with my second opinion. I was able to leave with my car ***CHARGE FREE***. They even offered in the future if and when i do look to purchase a new car to bring it on in they would be happy to look at it before i purchase. I will in the future be taking any and all car issues to this shop as they have gained my respect and trust.

Amber B.

I am not one to write reviews online. This is only my second. I am extremely pleased with the entire team at HS. From the mechanics in the back of the house to the great individuals up front(Nick and Frank) - it is hard for me to consider a more cohesive and trustworth group. They are fair, honest, and knowledgable. In a previous life I worked part time as a mechanic so I know just enough to be dangerous. I have done wheel bearings, radiators, brakes, head gaskets and other vehicle maintenance. I and my family trust them. If you run into a crunch and do not know who to turn to in these are the people to call.

Andrew L.

Hartland Service is the best around. I wouldn't go anywhere else or send my friends, family, or relatives anywhere else. Very great service, always done well for a great price.

Scott B.

Got a lot of work done, including a new transmission. My car runs like new again, which is saying something because its 8 years old. They took great care of my car, and have won my repeat business.

Jeff H.

Excellent service! Nick was in frequent communication with me and was very thorough with my repair. It seems everyone I've dealt with here is both knowledgeable and courteous. I'm very particular about my vehicle and have had past experiences with other shops where my car has been returned dirty, making me question how careful they were about the work provided or attention to detail. Not the case here. I had a great experience and am glad to have found a shop I trust to work on my car.

Joe G.

Just wanted to say thanks for the work you did on my truck! I'm shocked at how much better it rides than it did before. You guys did a great job.

Steve J. - Pewaukee, WI